Testing Out Some New Sheep Milk Products that are on the Horizon at the Fine Food Show in Auckland

It was fantastic to get up to the Fine Food New Zealand show recently to connect with many different people and businesses across the supply chain. Behind the scenes we have been carefully experimenting and learning about cheese making, a venture that we have been very happy with. Cameron has largely been the one who has been leading the charge in this space, and after nearly two years of recipe development we are at the stage of now upscaling our cheese work into the factory. The best cheese starts off with the best milk and our SPCA Animal Welfare Certified milk we unbiasedly think ticks this box. A mixture of hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses will be soon joining our existing product range. Our creamy milk is high in milk solids which means it is perfect for cheese making, this is the traditional use for sheep milk around the world, with many famous cheeses being made from 100% sheep milk. Hopefully we can help to put NZ further on the map for world class artisan sheep cheese.


The Fine Food Show was a great place to try out some of the products that we have been working on which we look to bring to market soon. This show largely attracts chefs, retail buyers and food service buyers, so you could say it was the perfect place to be getting opinions from people. 



Feedback was outstanding, so some exciting times to look forward to. We will be launching the first of our cheeses very shortly, so keep an eye on our social medias for updates. 




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