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"Gentle Goodness"

Whole Sheep's Milk

Taste the milk from happy, pampered ewes fed on lush green pasture. They get to express their natural behaviour, raise their own lambs and happily come in to be milked once a day.

Feel comfort. The unique composition and A2-type qualities allows sheep milk to be digested easily. Many whom are sensitive to other dairy-based products can tolerate this milk – Tummy friendly!

See the benefits gained from the natural nutrition that is sheep milk. It’s a great source of many macro and micro nutrients that are essential for the human body.

Probiotic Yoghurt

Nurtured between our native forrested hills and the salt spray of the Pacific Ocean, we are delighted to bring you this deliciously thick and creamy yoghurt which is packed full of the natural character of our land and the playful sheep that roam it. A nutrient rich yoghurt with a smooth, silky texture and a subtle tang – like it should be!

Labneh - Mediterranean Style Cream Cheese

“The ultimate cream cheese alternative to elevate any dish!”

We are delighted to begin our cheese journey with this middle-eastern dairy delicacy. Labneh is extremely versatile  and can be used in the same way traditional cream cheese is, but it brings much more flavour to the table with its creaminess, tang and subtle salty flavour.

Prebiotic Flavoured Sheep Milk

Our prebiotic flavoured sheep milk drinks are crafted using the goodness of nature. As a raw product, Sheep’s milk contains great health properties and we believe it is only right to add natural ingredients to this. Our products are high in the good, low in the bad—from nutrition to assurance of the ethical and sustainable way in which it is produced.

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