Our Prebiotic Flavoured Sheep Milk

Our prebiotic flavoured sheep milk drinks are crafted using the goodness of nature. As a raw product, Sheepโ€™s milk contains great health properties and we believe it is only right to add natural ingredients to this. Our products are high in the good, low in the badโ€”from nutrition to assurance of the ethical and sustainable way in which it is produced.

Our Mission

To create opportunities and a positive impact on the planet. From the farmers and their communities, to consumers and theirs.


Great for You

Sheep's milk has many natural health benefits which are superior to other milk varieties. It is high in key macronutrients and micronutrients.

Kind to Earth

Sheep naturally have a much lower environmental footprint when compared to other animals such as cattle.


Many people who experience stomach issues from consuming cowโ€™s milk find they can consume sheep milk free from discomfort.


Be a part of our journey.