Prebiotic Flavoured Sheep Milk.
Crafted by Nature.

Better for You Better for Earth

Our prebiotic flavoured sheep milk drinks are crafted using the goodness of nature. As a raw product, Sheep’s milk contains great health properties and we believe it is only right to add natural ingredients to this. Our products are high in the good, low in the bad—from nutrition to assurance of the ethical and sustainable way in which it is produced.

This is our old label

We have changed our label to something we think is a bit more “us.” It has the same great taste, same ingredients and same great nutrition, just a new look!!

A delicate chocolate flavour with the natural creaminess of sheep’s milk creates a delicious beverage which you can feel great about consuming. Incorporating high-quality nutrition into your diet has been made easy!

Combining the two fine elements; vanilla and sheep’s milk, we have generated an elegant drink which will be a treat for your taste buds while doing wonders for your body and muscles.

Great tasting coffee flavour with the added creaminess from the sheep milk is delicious. This is the better way to get your daily caffeine hit and satisfy your body with quality nutrition!

Sheep’s milk freezes well! You can put our drinks in the freezer, take them out in the morning and it will return back to the great quality product it started out as. This is ideal if you want to drink our products later in the day and have no where cold to store it or if you just want to store them past their best before date.

What makes our products so good?


Our milk is high in protein, short to medium chain fatty acids and contains a good dose of carbohydrates. It is also full of many key micronutrients that the body demands in order to keep healthy.


Our flavoured prebiotic drinks are easily digested because it is sheep's milk. It takes about 45 minutes to digest and only contains A2 beta caseins. We have added prebiotic fibre which is food for the good bacteria found inside your stomach.

Social Responsibility

Fernglen Farm has a huge focus on sustainability, high animal welfare standards, having a positive impact on the community and of course delivering the best products which you can trust.

Athletes and Active People

Our prebiotic flavoured milk drinks are ideal for aiding in muscle recovery. For all who are active, whether you are a professional athlete or physical activity is a part of your life, it is vital you put the right nutrition into your body to allow you to perform at your best consistently.

The Experienced People of this World

We all age and it is well known as we do so, staying active and healthy can sometimes be a challenge. Our prebiotic flavoured milk drinks are full of energy and the right kind of nutrition, however, the most important factor is that they are easily digested. As we age our ability to digest food decreases and many ageing people become malnourished because of this. Incorporating highly nutritious, easily digested foods into our diets is a good way to avoid this.

Seekers of Healthy, Natural and Convenient Nutrition

Flavoured prebiotic sheep milk is ideal for you. As a family, we bring you a grass-fed, low processed, naturally nutritious, artisan product. Our business focuses on high animal welfare standards and achieving sustainability through elite farming practices which are complemented by sheep’s low environmental footprint. Our production ensures that we are free from GMO’s, antibiotics and added hormones.

People with Dairy Intolerances

There have been many studies which suggest people whose stomachs get upset by cow milk, can drink sheep milk with no discomfort. We have certainly come across a lot of people where this has been the case for them. If this is similar for you and you feel like you’re missing out by having no dairy in your life, try our products and see if you too can tolerate sheep’s milk with no side effects. We would love to hear from you about this!

People Who Love Great Tasting Food

Of course, we have not developed a drink that is just nutritious, it is also very very tasty!!! So for anyone who loves a milkshake-like drink, this will be perfect for you!


Sheep’s milk is naturally high in protein. We do not add any powders to increase the protein levels, nor do we reconstitute the milk by condensing it or splitting it apart and reformulating. This is common for many milk drinks, however, the natural nutrition of sheep’s milk doesn’t require this in order to be high in protein.

It contains all the essential amino acids in a concentration higher than other types of milk. These are the building blocks for body tissue and are vital for your body to operate properly. There are considered to be a few key essential amino acids for muscle building and recovery. These are; leucine, isoleucine, and valine. All three of these are contained in sheep milk at double the levels that can be found in whole fat cow’s milk.

There are many benefits of high protein foods. Muscle building and recovery are two key benefits. They also help to make you feel fuller for longer which can be beneficial if you are dieting or if you are just wanting to better avoid hunger pains between meals.


Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient when it comes to performing at your best. It is recommended that they are consumed within 45 minutes post training/ game/ physical exercise to replenish your bodies energy stores (glycogen stores) which helps to speed up recovery time. Our Performance Protein drinks contain 31.5 g of carbohydrates, this is a good amount to have post training or as a meal replacement food if you’re on the go.


Fat for many years was portrayed as something which should be left out of your diet, recent studies, however, are showing just how important it is to get fat in your diet. Sheep’s milk is naturally creamy due to a fat concentration which is higher than what is found in cow’s milk. This is ideal because it provides the extra energy which your body needs after exercise to repair cells and muscle tissue. The fats are mostly short-medium chain fatty acids which break down faster in the body and aid the absorption of lactose.


Some of the key minerals which the body needs to thrive can be found in higher concentrations in sheep’s milk compared to other milk varieties. Calcium is one of these essential minerals, it is vital for building strong bones and maintaining bone density which is important for lowering the risk of developing osteoporosis as you get older. Research has also shown the benefits of calcium in aiding proper muscle, heart, and nerve function.

Phosphorus is another mineral prominent in sheep’s milk. It compliments calcium as one of its main function is the formation of healthy bones and teeth. The mineral also helps the body make ATP – this is used as energy for your body which helps carry out many different functions.

Magnesium is another mineral found in higher concentrations in sheep’s milk. Every cell in your body contains it and needs it to function, there are so many benefits from ensuring you have enough magnesium in your diet. Examples of these are; boosted sports performance, helps fight depression, it has anti-inflammatory properties and studies show it can help lower blood pressure


Sheep’s milk is higher in many vitamins when compared to other milk varieties. The B  vitamins complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12) are all found in higher concentrations than bovine milk. These vitamins help your body metabolise proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into glucose (the main source of energy for the brain and body). They are also important for; brain development, to keep immune and nervous systems working, the formation of red blood cells and to help regulate mood. Sheep’s milk also contains a good source of vitamin A which is known to help; preserve eyesight, support the immune system, support bone health and it may lower the risk of certain cancers.


Sheep’s milk contains only A2 beta caseins which research suggests that this type of protein is easier to digest than A1 beta caseins (bovine milk commonly contains both types). The milk also contains mostly short-medium chain fatty acids which are quick and easy for the body to absorb.

The combination of the stated two factors are believed to be a big reason why research carried out suggests that sheep’s milk is digested much quicker (around 45 minutes) than other milk varieties.

In our Performance Protein drinks, you will receive a good serving of prebiotic fibre which we have added in there to further improve your digestibility. Prebiotic’s are the food which feeds your healthy gut bacteria, the healthier/ more good gut bacteria you have the better you gut health which helps improve digestion.


Performance Protein is also an excellent choice as a post-exercise, rehydration beverage. Proper fluid and electrolyte replenishment is a crucial part of recovery, particularly during a competition where you may be competing in multiple events in a single day, or across a weekend. Not only is sheep milk great for its electrolyte and macronutrient components but it also contains a lot of water. This water is more readily taken up by the body because it is absorbed with both the electrolyte and carbohydrate components of the milk, making Performance Protein an all-around excellent post-exercise rehydration and recovery drink.

Social Responsibility

You can be assured that every bottle of Performance Protein has been produced in an ethical environmentally friendly way, visit Our Farm and Sheep milk tabs on this website to find out more about this. We are not only focused on the environment and animal welfare but also people. We want to ensure we impact our community, New Zealand as a whole and our customers in a positive way. Our mission is “To create value, opportunities and impact the planet positively. From the farmers and their communities to consumers and theirs.”

Help us spread the word

If you are an athlete who is interested in trying a great new recovery drink and are keen to spread the word – contact us here and tell us a little about yourself. If you are not an athlete, but you too are interested in what we are doing and want to help spread awareness or just learn more, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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